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Our History

The Moton Community Center, is short for the Robert R. Moton Community Center, which is named after the Robert R. Moton High School which is what the building was back during the 1950's and 1960's. The original facility was built in 1948 and named after Dr. Robert R. Moton, who was the second President of Tuskegee Institute(now known as Tuskegee University), from 1915 to 1935. The building burned down in 1958 and was rebuilt and that is what remains today, minus a building or two which was torn down for parking. After segregation was court ordered, the last graduating class came out of Moton High School in 1970. The building eventually became Leeds Junior High School, then Leeds Middle School before it was closed by the school system and acquired by the Moton Educational Foundation to reopen as the Moton Community Center.

There is also a R.R. Moton High School National Alumni Association that meets at the school. Their sole purpose is to help in maintaining the facility that once was R.R. Moton High School. You can find out more information about the Alumni Association by visiting their website: www.rrmotonhighleeds.com

Their website also has more information about the schools name sake and you can read about Mr. Robert R. Moton there. There is also a writing on their website by a former student, Mr. Lonnie Marbury, that details the history of the school. Read more about the Robert R. Moton High School.